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Do you have questions about the Buy Canadian Goods Association (BCGA) membership program? Check out our most frequently asked questions below.

What markets in Asia will BCGA be available in?
Our goal is support businesses on both the national and international end. We aim to start in international cities including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea.  
What languages will the BCGA platform support?

Because we are a registered, non-profit organization, we are seeking sponsors to strengthen our service offerings. During our official platform launch, the BCGA platform will be available in the traditional Chinese language in addition to English. In the near future, we hope to expand to include Japanese, Korean and Thai. 

How can BCGA help promote my products offline?

We will have overseas offices who will be providing all BCGA members with sales and marketing support. Our first customer support office will be opening in September of 2020 in Hong Kong. This office will act as our Asian headquarters and a central hub for all countries in Asia.

Is there a membership fee to join BCGA?

No. At BCGA, our platform is absolutely free with $0 in start-up costs.

What fees can I expect as a member of BCGA?

The only fee that you can expect as a member of BCGA is an 8% processing fee for every item sold. This fee is charged to the Seller and includes credit card and transaction processing fees on the BCGA platform.

What benefits are there for BCGA members?

As a member of BCGA, you will receive a variety of tremendous benefits. This includes increased sales revenue, increase brand exposure, sales & marketing support and customer support.

How do I set-up an account on BCGA?

After becoming a member of BCGA, you will create a Seller’s account on our virtual marketplace platform. Here, you will be able to create a company profile, upload your products for sale and set-up shipping logistics.

How can I communicate with potential buyers?

You will be able to connect with consumers through the BCGA messaging feature. If you, or a customer has questions regarding your products, prices, shipping or transaction – you will be able to communicate with them effectively.

What happens if I want to close my BCGA account?

If you no longer want to be a member of BCGA, please contact a representative to help you close your account.

How does the shipping feature work on the BCGA platform?

After a customer completes an order, you will be prompted with a notification to complete all shipping and logistics necessary. You can set shipping options on your Seller’s profile based on your business preferences. This will allow customers to choose between faster and discounted shipping rates. After the item has been shipped, you will be able to provide your customer with a tracking number to monitor shipping progress on their order.

I'm having issues navigating the BCGA platform. Who should I contact?

Our sales and marketing team is present to help you with all of your questions and concerns. We will help navigate you through all the BCGA platform features to set you up for success. 

If a customer has an issue with their order, who should they contact?

BCGA will have a customer support line to assist any customers experiencing difficulties with their transactions or orders. We are committed in supporting a smooth and seamless experience for all users.

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Our membership is completely free with $0 in start-up costs.

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We offer sales and marketing support to all BCGA members.

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The BCGA platform will feature both traditional Chinese and English.

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Connect with consumers through our customized, virtual marketplace. Upload your products, manage your customers and coordinate shipping needs through our one-stop shop platform.

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We understand how important it is to support you in becoming a member of Buy Canadian Goods Association. To ensure your success, we provide sales and marketing support to all of our members.

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